Fall Daffodil Planting

Students from 17 classes at PS 197 worked in October and November to each plant their own daffodil bulb in our school gardens. Our school Family Worker Linda McAnaw had requested 600 bulbs from New York City’s Parks Department. Several classes also drew posters informing the community of the project.

Class 4-418 Helps Beautify Our School

Class 4-418, along with Mr. LaDouceur and Ms. Einemann, took advantage of a balmy November day to plant more bulbs in the small memorial garden at the front of our school. The children dug holes and learned that they were working under the shade of our tall oak trees.

2-404 Spruces Up our Memorial Garden

Ms. Whelehan’s class planted daffodil bulb’s in our memorial garden in the front of our school building. The little environmentalists also took up the November challenge to save energy at school and at home.

Class 2-309 Compare Radish and Daffodil Seeds

Ms. Castro and Class 2-309 have been learning about seeds and growing radishes inside their classroom. They came out to help sow daffodil bulbs and compared the two types of seeds. They learned that radishes can be sown right away, while daffodil bulbs need to go through a cold spell in order to pop up…

Classes 5-508 & 5-503 Make Discoveries in the Garden

Classes 5-503 and 5-508 came outside to help in the garden, but along the way were excited to find earthworms, grubs and other little critters in the soil. The planting activity quickly turned into an exploring activity for the fifth graders. And Ms. May shows off the ladybug she found.

1-304 Plants Daffodil Bulbs

Ms. Marcus and 1-304 pose with some of the 600 bulbs that were ordered from New York’s Parks Department. The class quickly got to work sowing them in the garden.

1-305 Discovers Worms

Class 1-305, along with Ms. Irlinger and Ms. Christopher, discovered some worms as they dug holes for their daffodil bulbs. They gardened on a nippy November day, but the children maintained their sunny spirits!

4-416 Works Together in the Garden

Class 4-416 and Ms. Sladky took a break from their classwork to get some fresh air and work together to plant daffodils in the school yard garden. They also sketched out some signs informing the community at large of the work being done.

K-211 Cleans, Plans and Digs

K-211 did a little sprucing up before planting their daffodil bulbs. They pulled up weeds to make room for the bulbs they planted and envisioned what their perfect garden would look like.

K/1 306 Gets Digging

K/1-306 along with Ms. Amir, Ms. Bell and Ms. Seaforth, took advantage of a sunny day and planted several daffodil bulbs. As they dug, the children were excited to discover some earthworms in the soil!